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ClipMate Newsletter - August 207

August 2007

Welcome to our August Newsletter, featuring news about the ClipMate 7.2 update, a new translation, and a ClipMate usage tip.

Newsletter Contents:

ClipMate 7.2.05 It's Here!

Since the initial 7.2 release, there have been several updates, the latest being 7.2.05.  Use the update checker under the Help menu, to see if you're up to date.

In case you missed the June newsletter, the big news in ClipMate 7.2 is Portability.  See for more information and examples of getting started with the portable version.  Plus, we're still running our "add a seat" special pricing of $19.95, in case you'd like to use the portable option, but are out of licenses.   See:  Also, we're still getting lots of inquiries about "trading up" to a 5-computer "Household Pack".  You can trade-up your existing single-user license to a 5-user/computer license for $59.95, using coupon code V6UP2H_2000.  Insert the code on the second page of this ordering link:


ClipMate WINS for "Best Application" Award

ClipMate was awarded the honor of "Best Application" at the 2007 Shareware Industry Awards, held in Denver, Colorado in July.  This award is voted on by other members of the shareware industry, and we're proud to have ClipMate recognized again as one of the best.  Please take a look at the other winners and nominees at the SIAF website:

Special Offer FolderPrint Plus - Get It FREE!

Have you ever wondered where all of your disk space was being used?  Windows doesn't give you a graphical view of your files, so you can't really "see" which files and directories are using a lot of space.  We've seen several utilities over the years that address this, and FolderPrint Plus from StarGlider Systems is the first one to really impress us.  It's fast, it's useful, and intuitive.  It runs on Vista as well as XP, will quickly show you where your space is being used, and has the ability to dig into ZIP and MP3 files too!  At $21.95 it's a good value, and it's a GREAT value if you get it free using TrialPay.  Here's the TrialPay link:

Special offer - Life Poster Maker - Get It Free Too!

Another one of our favorites is also available through TrialPay. Lincon Beach Software's Life Poster Maker, normally $29.95, can be had for a song, or a movie, or whatever you care to try or buy through TrialPay. Life Poster Maker lets you do something truly interesting and creative with your photos, by making giant posters out of your photos. It's a great way to make a lasting memory of a great trip, great event, or just a great year. Here is the TrialPay page, so you can now get it free!

Speaking of TrialPay...

Do you run a website, blog, forum, or other online community?  Consider using TrialPay to contribute to your site.  Anywhere that you'd use a "donate here" (PayPal) button, you could offer TrialPay instead. Your visitors sign up for BlockBuster, Discover, TiVo, etc., and you get paid!  See our new site where we have tips and code to get you started.

ClipMate Tip - Managing Backups

Backups are great when you need to recover from trouble.  You may notice files like ClipMate7_DB_My Clips_2007-07-13_2321.ZIP appearing on your hard drive, probably in your "my documents" folder.  Those are ClipMate backups, and are created by the built-in backup routine that runs at startup (if you allow it) every 14 days or so (adjustable).  Here are some things to know about backups:

  • Each backup is a complete database snapshot. 
  • Backup file names contain the database name and date/time of the backup.  The example above was of the "My Clips" database on July 13, 2007 at 23:21 PM (11:23 PM).
  • Backups are not dependent on other backups - you can delete any backup file without impacting any other backup file.
  • Create backups with File | Database Maintenance | Backup (then pick the backup location).
  • Restore backups with File | Database Maintenance | Restore from Backup (then select a backup file to restore from)
  • Backups are an easy way to move data to a new PC.
  • Old backups aren't automatically deleted - but you can do it yourself, as necessary.
  • You should never try to do anything else with the backup contents. Only the ClipMate database can read it. 
  • ClipMate 7 can restore from a ClipMate 6 backup, but not vice-versa.
  • When deleting old backups, we recommend keeping the latest backup, one from a week ago, one from a month ago, and one from a year ago. You never know when you may need something.


We'd like to thank Luiz Marques of StarGlider System (yes, the author of FolderPrint Plus!) for a very nice Brazilian Portuguese translation!

We have two multi-language distributions, one for European (Spanish, French,  Czech, Polish, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese) and one for Asian languages (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean).  They can be downloaded here:

You can find information on translations on our site:

That's it for now!  As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions. 
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Chris Thornton, President
Thornsoft Development, Inc.

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