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October 2008

Welcome to our October Newsletter, featuring information about a strange "clipboard attack", and a ClipMate usage tip.

Newsletter Contents:

ClipMate 7.3

The current release for XP/Vista/2000  7.3.12, (However, Windows98 users should stick with 7.2.) Fixes since the last newsletter:  Fixes to printing, particularly for A4 paper and large graphics.  Fix for the text clean-up, which would insert extra linebreaks at the end of certain operations.  Fixed an access violation related to the system tray, and made some other minor fixes.


Adobe Fixes Clipboard Exploit

Back in August, I reported about a weird clipboard "attack" from flash-based advertisements found on some popular websites.  An URL would appear on the clipboard (signaled with an unexpected POP, if you're running ClipMate) and then when you pasted, you'd get the strange URL.  This appeared to be an effort to spread the Antivirus2009 "fake antivirus program that's really a virus itself" malware.  Well, it appears that Adobe is fixing it in Flash Player 10.  So here's a good reason to update your flash.  If you have other observations to share, comment on my clipboard blog at

ClipMate Tip - Paste "Plain Text" Anywhere.

Speaking of "flash", I've just upgraded to the newest version of Netplay's Instant Demo Pro v7, and have made a new flash tutorial for "On-Demand Filtering", which lets you paste clips as plain-text by pressing the Windows+W key prior to pasting (ex: Win+W, Ctrl+V).  Have you ever pasted and messed up your document because the pasted data introduced fonts, tables, or other formatting changes?  Use Win+W to "scrub" the clipboard, then Ctrl+V to paste as "plain text".  Enough said - watch the tutorial:

That's it for now!  As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions.  If you would like to unsubscribe from this list, just let us know.

Chris Thornton, President
Thornsoft Development, Inc.

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