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ClipMate Newsletter - December 2006

March 2007

Welcome to our March Newsletter, featuring news about the upcoming ClipMate 7.2 update, and a ClipMate usage tip.

Newsletter Contents:

ClipMate 7.2 – Coming Soon!

While the latest release is still ClipMate 7.1.07, we’re working on 7.2 which brings a whole new aspect to ClipMate – portability.  You can now take ClipMate and your clips with you on portable “thumb” drives, including drives branded with the “U3 Smart” logo.  While ClipMate should be fully-compliant with the U3 requirements (including “leave no traces in the registry”), we’re not going to limit it to U3-branded devices, and the portable version will run on any removable drive, including those running the “PortableApps” launcher.

Registered ClipMate7 users will be eligible to test the new version prior to release – please send a note to USB2007@Thornsoft.Com with subject of ClipMate U3 Beta, ClipMate PortableApps Beta, or ClipMate Generic USB Beta, and we’ll send you the details when we’re ready to test.

If you don’t have a “USB Thumb Drive” yet, get one!  They’re very handy, and you can get great deals, especially on the 1 and 2 GB drives.  I’m writing this document on a 1.0GB drive that cost something like $15 on the day after Thanksgiving.  It’s got the U3 launcher, so it can “autorun” and gives me a nice menu for launching programs, and I like knowing that the programs on the drive don’t leave crud behind on whatever computer I’m running it on.


  • The current ClipMate 7 release is 7.1.07.  If you are running a prior version of ClipMate7, you can update with this link: 
    Just install over the top of your existing ClipMate 7 installation.
  • ClipMate 6 users: If you'd like to upgrade to version 7, the upgrade price is $19.95 for a single-user license.  Write to for quotes on multi-user upgrades.
  • ClipMate 5 users wishing to upgrade to ClipMate 7 can get a price break when upgrading by following this link:
  • The current version of Darn! Passwords! is v3.1.03.

License Expansion

While ClipMate's single-user license allows you to run the same license on up to two computers, sometimes your needs grow. Our "Household Pack" allows home users to run ClipMate on up to 5 computers. We also have multi-user discounts for workgroups and businesses of any size.  Sometimes the pricing gets tricky when you are expanding or upgrading multi-user licenses, so send us an e-mail: and Brenda can prepare a custom quote for upgrading your license, taking into account what you've already purchased. 

Special Offer – ClipMate for “FREE”?

We heard about “TrialPay” at a conference this summer, and aside from the Rocky Mountains, that was the highlight of the trip.  TrialPay is a new way of getting software for free, by signing up for a special offer from one of their partners.  It sounds crazy, but it really works, and here's why: YOU ARE VALUABLE.  Big companies like Vonage, Cingular, Discover, Blockbuster, eBay and TiVo will pay a reward for new customers.  Usually, this goes to some marketing company, or the kid in the cell phone store who  wasn't all that helpful in choosing your new phone.  But what if you could get some of that for yourself?  It would be nice if you could walk into Blockbuster, and claim a nice cash reward for "turning yourself in" as a new customer.

Well now you CAN, sort of.  TrialPay has partnered with dozens of these companies to use these reward dollars as a form of payment for things that you need. Forget frisbees and cheap umbrellas. Just sign up for a Discover card, a new eBay account, a phone from Cingular Wireless, or BlockBuster Online. They'll buy a fully-licensed copy of ClipMate for you.  There are over 50 such offers, all of which will get you a free copy of ClipMate. 

So if you've been holding out on upgrading to ClipMate 7, or if you know someone who really needs ClipMate but can't bear to part with $34.95, this may be a great option.  If you're intrigued by the idea but don't need another license, send us an e-mail and we can transfer the license to someone else as a gift from you.

To get ClipMate for "Free", visit this page:  And feel free to forward this offer to anyone who would benefit from it.

Alert - CA Antispyware causing "This program has been damaged..." error, now for AOL too!

This issue is dying fast, as AOL started distributing their fixed version of the AntiSpyware in February.
Here is an article with more information:

ClipMate Tip - Exploding PowerPaste

As you probably know, PowerPaste is used to quickly paste a series of clips into a program. Just turn it on, paste a clip somewhere, and PowerPaste advances to the next clip.  But many users don't know about the "Exploding" option.  Under the Edit menu, the last option is "PowerPaste Option - Explode Into Fragments". This is a toggle setting (on or off) that tells PowerPaste how to act. If it's off, PowerPaste acts normally, advancing from one clip to the next, as you paste. But if you turn it ON, PowerPaste will break each clip up into "fragments" and paste each fragment separately. 

What's a "Fragment"?  It's text within a clip, broken apart by "delimiters" such as spaces, tabs, linebreaks, commas, and periods.  Consider the following clip:

Joe User
123 Main Street
Anytown, NY 12345

If you turn on the "Exploding" option and then start PowerPaste, you can paste this clip 5 times and get 5 different results.  You'd get "Joe User", "123 Main Street", "Anytown", and "NY 12345" as separate pastes.  Why?  By default, the linebreaks and commas are considered "delimiters", so PowerPaste broke the item up into 5 separate "fragments". And notice that the comma after "Anytown" is missing. That's because PowerPaste usually discards the delimiters. 

You can have full control over the delimiters. If you had wanted to break this up into individual "words", you could add a space to the delimiter list - see Tools | Options | Pasting.

This feature is very handy when dealing with data in a structured format that needs to be broken apart.  In the above example, we could be taking sales leads from e-mail and then PowerPasting them into an online CRM or a home-grown database.  Likewise, you can easily work with spreadsheet data this way.  Data copied from, or exported from spreadsheets is usually delimited by commas or tabs.  No problem!  Exploding PowerPaste will chew right through it.

The next time you're faced with having to move a mountain of data, remember that you don't just have a shovel, you've got a steam shovel. Exploding PowerPaste can cut the task down to size in no time. Just remember to turn the Exploding option off when you're done with it, or the next time you use PowerPaste, your data will come out in chunks.

See the PowerPaste help topic for more information:
There is also an animated tutorial for PowerPaste, and the second part shows the Exploding option:


We'd like to thank Helmut Langen for a very nice German translation!

We have two multi-language distributions, one for European (French,  Czech, Polish, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian, Turkish) and one for Asian languages (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean).  They can be downloaded here:

You can find information on translations on our site:

That's it for now!  As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions. 
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Chris Thornton, President
Thornsoft Development, Inc.

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