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ClipMate wins 2007 SIAF Award for Best ApplicationClipMate wins "Best Application" at the 2007 Shareware Industry Awards. We're proud to be recognized by our peers in the software industry, for a FOURTH time!
ClipMate "Portable" runs on your USB "thumb" drive!
Now you can take ClipMate with you, to any Windows PC. 
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Click To View All, or add your own!I have been using this product for nigh on 10 years. Best buy I ever made. Great timely support.
- Max Campbel;l;

Our Favorite Links

Here are some of our favorite links. Many are from other software companies that offer fine products on the internet, while others, like the Dilbert page, are just for fun.

If you'd like to link TO us, please see the "Linking To Us" page.

Our Other Sites:

  • ClipboardExtender.Com - Learn more about the Windows Clipboard? We have a new site with clipboard information for end-users, power-users, and developers. Whether you are trying to learn how to copy and paste, or are writing software TO copy and paste, visit www.ClipboardExtender.Com for more.
  • AlternativePaymentResources.Com - TrialPay resources for software developers and website/blog owners. Find out the nuts and bolts of implementing TrialPay at your site or in your software.
  • DarnPasswords.Com - award-winning password management software.

Tools and services used to build this site:

Recommended E-Mail Lists:

  • Wugnet's SPOW keeps you updated on the Wugnet/Microsoft "pick of the week".

Other Shareware Industry Companies And Organizations:

Delphi Resources

Interesting Web Sites To Visit:

  • Google Search Tips - From Dave Collin's SharewarePromotions BLOG.  Do you know what the ~ is for? How about * within a quoted string?  Check it out.
  • earth.google.com - This is the former "Keyhole" program, now available from Google.  It's an interactive satellite imaging tool that you run on your desktop, which makes it much more responsive (zoom/pan/etc.) than the online maps.  And the lite version is free!  Hey, I can see my house from here!
  • Microsoft's alternative is "Windows Live Local". Also very good. Different maps than Google.
  • View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth, then zoom in - WAY IN!  VERY COOL!!!!
  • TIVO!  If you like TV, you'll love TIVO!  We sure do.  And don't forget the great discussions in the Tivo Community.
  • TechBargains!  Looking for deals on computers, cameras, PDAs, etc.?  Check it out - you'll find all sorts of deals on things that you need.
  • Metku Mods - for people with too much time on their hands....
  • Track satellites in realtime with NASA's J-Track3D!
  • SETI Logo Join the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, with the SETI@Home screensaver.  Put that CPU to work!
  • Dilbert Comic Strip - Latest Dilbert - updated Daily!
  • Eastman Kodak Company - Take Pictures. Further.
  • Hubble Space Telescope - latest images.
  • What's on TV? Get TVNow, the software that lets you create your own customized viewing schedule.
  • HDTV - PBS has an excellent "Crash Course".
  • Government Image Library.  Our tax dollars at work.  Pictures of all sorts of govt things, from President Bush to the Braddock Bay lighthouse.  Very cool. 
  • Bizarre Stuff - how to build lots of neat things. May be good ideas for science fairs?  Kids - get adult supervision!

Rochester/Spencerport Links

  • InfoRochester.com - lots of links to anything to do with Rochester, NY.
  • Rochester HDTV Forum.  Discussions on HDTV in Western NY.
  • SpencerportJuniorBaseball.com - serving 450 little-leaguers in Spencerport, NY.
  • SpencerportPack92.Org - Pack92 Cub Scouting in Spencerport, NY.
  • DRC-Associates.Com - Structural engineering and design consultants, based in Rochester, NY.  20+ years of expertise with parking structures, shoring and underpinning, brick and masonry repair, and special projects such as nuclear facilities and retaining walls.

Send mail to webmaster@thornsoft.com with questions or comments about this web site, or reciprocal link requests.  Note: requests from non-relevant "link farms" will be ignored.  You know who you are.

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