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Sept 24, 2013 - ZoneAlarm has done it again!!  ZoneAlarm is falsely reporitng a virus/trojan in ClipMate 7.5.  And it DELETES ClipMate and PREVENTS you from re-installing.   This is a FALSE POSITIVE.  Please report to ZoneAlarm so that they too, can share the pain that they are causing.
ClipMate 7.5 features both 32-bit and 64-bit ClipBar support in both Windows7 and Windows8.  It is a free update to all ClipMate v7 users.  Just install over your current 7.3, and you'll upgrade it "in-place".
Users of the WebRoot firewall will need to make an adjustment to the WebRoot settings in order to allow ClipMate to capture clipboard data from web browsers. Otherwise WebRoot will BLOCK such access! It may also be causing WHITE SCREEN CAPTURES as it may be blocking the PrintScreen key.
ZDNetClipMate is named in Ed Bott's "My 10 favorite Windows programs of all time", saying "I figure it’s paid for itself many, many times over"
Ed Bott - ZDNet (March 3, 2008)
ClipMate wins 2007 SIAF Award for Best ApplicationClipMate wins "Best Application" at the 2007 Shareware Industry Awards. We're proud to be recognized by our peers in the software industry, for a FOURTH time!
ClipMate "Portable" runs on your USB "thumb" drive!
Now you can take ClipMate with you, to any Windows PC.  
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ClipMate Release Notes

Here is a changelog listing of what's new/changed/fixed in the various releases, from our bugfix database.

If you're looking for a "new features" list, see New Features in 7.0.


Bugs / Fixes / Enhancements In Version: 7.0.99

(Click on Bug # to view full report for any given item.)
Bug# Category Description FixedInVersion
397 Interface ClipBar loses QuickPaste Target if you switch collections
398 Editing Allow highlighting of phrases in editor
395 Crashes / Error Messages Random (rare) A/V when opening Classic on multi-monitor systems.
392 Interface Problems with moving/copying clips to "tacked" ClipList in Second pane in Classic.
393 Database Option to set database offline for external backups wasn't working
394 Printing Printing sometimes is disabled for no apparent reason.
361 Interface Find & Replace - TAB key navigation issue with Skins
389 Localization Hotkeys can't be edited with localized values (ctrl, alt, shift)
390 Interface Classic / Second ClipList cancelling shortcuts by itself
391 Interface Collection Tree Inserts Duplicate Collections

385 Installation Error when upgrading from v6: Failed to create key DATABASES\My Clips
386 Interface Initialization problems / Interface

384 Editing Renamed clips don't show up in second ClipList until restart
380 Other Add skin license info to About box
381 Crashes / Error Messages Eurekalog not able to send via Microsoft Outlook
382 Crashes / Error Messages Enhancements to EurekaLog reporting
377 Collections Collections Re-Arrange themselves due to unintended drag/drop
368 Interface Close button 'x' doesn't work right on some screens.
378 QuickPaste Enhancement to Auto-Targeting. Include/Exclude via Application:ClassName
369 Other Binary display - not showing private data formats
379 Other Performance problem with Shortcuts
372 Capturing Add Active/Passive mode for Outbound Clip Filtering
374 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation during startup
375 Editing Line numbers in editor don't take wrapping into consideration
376 Crashes / Error Messages List index out of bounds during QuickPaste (FormatList)
367 Pasting Template Pasting - won't use more than one instance of #CLIP#
383 Other Launching URL opens two tabs in FireFox

362 Other Sounds are too quiet
363 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation during startup
364 Interface Re-sizing issue in Explorer, resulting in missing Editor window
365 Other Licensing Changes
359 Editing Find & Replace - Find not working
366 Other Flickering in corner of screen when ClipBar re-sizes
360 Network Cannot copy clips to network collection

356 Crashes / Error Messages Lockup opening floating viewer (F2) when clipboard is empty.
357 Crashes / Error Messages Error - a component named frmDockClipList already exists

354 Other ClipBar Not Connecting To ClipMate Automatically
347 Crashes / Error Messages Crash when drag/drop clip to top of cliplist
349 Library Update spellcheck dictionary to American.adm v3.4
342 Interface Splitters in Explorer don't stick if Skins are not enabled.
343 Crashes / Error Messages Random error (trapped) while showing Classic
345 Settings "Screen Reader" question would appear at startup, after user had previously answered NO.
346 Other Help not available from Customize Toolbar dialog

353 Library Updated: EurekaLog v5.0.4
348 Crashes / Error Messages Drag / Drop - error when dragging quickpick/shortcut bar
351 Library VCLSKin updated to

332 Capturing Area screen capture on dual monitors - won't capture second monitor
339 Interface Mousewheel for scrolling bitmap images
341 Interface Drawing issues after "close and free all windows".
352 Library ASG Screen Capture v4.1
350 Library Udate DBISAM engine to 4.21 Build 10 7.0.00

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