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Sept 24, 2013 - ZoneAlarm has done it again!!  ZoneAlarm is falsely reporitng a virus/trojan in ClipMate 7.5.  And it DELETES ClipMate and PREVENTS you from re-installing.   This is a FALSE POSITIVE.  Please report to ZoneAlarm so that they too, can share the pain that they are causing.
ClipMate 7.5 features both 32-bit and 64-bit ClipBar support in both Windows7 and Windows8.  It is a free update to all ClipMate v7 users.  Just install over your current 7.3, and you'll upgrade it "in-place".
Users of the WebRoot firewall will need to make an adjustment to the WebRoot settings in order to allow ClipMate to capture clipboard data from web browsers. Otherwise WebRoot will BLOCK such access! It may also be causing WHITE SCREEN CAPTURES as it may be blocking the PrintScreen key.
ZDNetClipMate is named in Ed Bott's "My 10 favorite Windows programs of all time", saying "I figure it’s paid for itself many, many times over"
Ed Bott - ZDNet (March 3, 2008)
ClipMate wins 2007 SIAF Award for Best ApplicationClipMate wins "Best Application" at the 2007 Shareware Industry Awards. We're proud to be recognized by our peers in the software industry, for a FOURTH time!
ClipMate "Portable" runs on your USB "thumb" drive!
Now you can take ClipMate with you, to any Windows PC.  
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ClipMate Release Notes

Here is a changelog listing of what's new/changed/fixed in the various releases, from our bugfix database.

If you're looking for a "new features" list, see New Features in 7.0.


Bugs / Fixes / Enhancements In Version: 6.5.99

(Click on Bug # to view full report for any given item.)
Bug# Category Description FixedInVersion
326 QuickPaste QuickPaste formatting strings are not working
327 Capturing Crash after closing all viewer windows.
328 Capturing Area screen capture - not capturing
329 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation during startup
330 Localization Spellchecker UI language not being set correctly.

324 Library Update Eurekalog to v 4.6.4
325 Library Fixed problem with code signing - downloads appeared to have invalid certificate
321 Editing Large text clips (32,000 + bytes) not displaying
323 Interface Move/Copy Collection menu display problem - related to #300

317 Library Urgent upgrade to EurekaLog 4.6.2

313 Interface Drag / Drop Initiation Within ClipList
314 Interface Drag / Drop - preventing unwanted collection tree expansion
312 Library Update Eurekalog to v 4.6
310 Localization Localization changes - printing header, reset buttons in Settings/Advanced screen.
311 Crashes / Error Messages Random error during QuickPaste - range check
308 Crashes / Error Messages Random error during shutdown - Failed to create key - ERegistryException
309 Crashes / Error Messages Random error during shutdown - new clip arrives during shutdown
303 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation during shutdown
305 Interface Moving clips should result in the next clip being automatically selected.
306 Localization More localization fixes
299 Capturing Lockups with area screen capture - random
300 Interface Toolbar icons with arrows should have default behavior to repeat last action
301 Crashes / Error Messages "Bad Copy To Clipboard" error should be non-fatal.
302 Capturing FireFox Browser - should automatically capture HTML and Bitmap along with TEXT

296 Library Database index corruption / Fix from database vendor
297 Crashes / Error Messages Random lockups with spellchecker
292 Other Backup/Restore dialog needs to be able to re-create whole path, or give meaningful error.

293 Editing Manually edited clips not being saved

289 Settings Turn off tooltips for cliplist
290 Other Problem with pasting registration keys into "enter key" dialog box.
272 Wishlist Various find&replace issues
285 Localization Several localization issues reported by D.H.
286 Database Database index corruption annoyance
280 Editing Interactive spellchecker lockup
283 Database Performance problem when loading from database
284 Library Udate DBISAM engine to 4.14

273 Database Database backup during startup has unnecessary confirmation dialog.
275 Collections Moving collections in tree can result in collections becoming inaccessible
276 Settings Run At Startup - sometimes leaves reference to older versions.
271 Database Alphabetic sorting of collections not always ordering correctly
270 Database Improvements to v5 database import

268 Interface Taskbar icon won't go away if you start the program with autocapture disabled
269 Database Database repair/verify runs too often
260 Crashes / Error Messages Random error with spellchecking
266 QuickPaste Performance problem with Shortcuts
265 Editing Find & Replace - Malformed RegEx should be handled more gracefully.
263 Editing Find & Replace - Does not always save changes
264 Editing Minor adjustment to URL Crunching feature
259 Crashes / Error Messages Error when de-selecting clip formats in clip properties dialog
261 Crashes / Error Messages Query Problem - Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window.
255 Interface cliplist drawing problem - clip titles are messed up when renaming
262 Wishlist Allow Outbound Clip Filtering to remember its state from one session to the next.
256 Editing Case conversion from systray menu is not working
257 Crashes / Error Messages Startup error - AV in TfrmDockClipList.SetAllowDrag
258 Editing Append button getting "stuck"

254 Editing Find & Replace - Needs to adjust clip title accordingly
250 Capturing Range Check Error When Capturing Invalid Data
248 Editing Problem with Strip Non-Text Formats not working with multiple clips.
249 Crashes / Error Messages Random error during PowerPaste
251 Crashes / Error Messages Invalid Image Size Message - Custom Icons

247 Other Fix problem with language loading
242 Interface "Fancy Hints" setting wasn't being applied consistently
246 Capturing Modifications to Application Profile - making better choices when encountering browsers

267 Library New version of Plusmemo Editor component
253 Editing Text Clean-Up - Addional Line is added
252 Editing Find & Replace - Length Issue when performing action on multiple clips.
240 Settings Printing - Margins (inches / cm) setting cannot be saved, it always defaults to inches.
241 QuickPaste QuickPaste crashes if inserting clip title containing quickpaste formatting commands.
243 Error Reporting Adding warning about screenshots to error report
244 Library Update ASG Screen Capture Library to v3.1c
245 Database Automatic Database Verify/Repair After Improper Shutdown
239 Interface User Options and Print Preview dialogs can be opened multiple times
236 Interface Prevent unwanted dragdrop in ClipList
237 Interface Fix minor toolbar bugs introduced in 6.5.00 build 515
238 Conflicts Added protection for "can't open clipboard" conflicts
234 Editing New Feature - "URL Crunching" - unwrap long URLs without introducing spaces
235 Editing Add "Invert Case" to Case Conversion Function
233 Library Update Addict Spellcheck To v3.42, New Dictionary
231 Other Could not delete clips from search results.
225 Crashes / Error Messages Error in Query screen, when no collection selected.
226 Interface Classic Toolbar always shows the "switch to Explorer" button, even if turned off
228 Database Various database enhancements
229 Interface Enhanced "busy" progress box
230 Interface Performance problem with Collection Tree, when 1000 collections loaded
223 Interface Enhanded "browse for directory" dialog
224 HTML Viewing Clicking on links in browser launch two browsers
221 Other New users prompted for database backup
110 Interface System Tray Icon goes BLACK 6.5.00
219 Capturing Outbound Filtering, forcing text-only pasting 6.5.00
213 QuickPaste Need default QuickPaste String 6.5.00
120 Editing Keyword search within editor 6.5.00
220 Library Library Upgrade - Delphi 7 6.5.00
214 Editing Add Find & Replace to editor window 6.5.00
215 Editing Find & Replace for Text Cleanup 6.5.00
222 Settings New sound settings panel in Options dialog 6.5.00
216 Library Library Upgrade - DBISAM v4 6.5.00
217 Library Library Upgrade - TMS 3.1 (Sept 6 build) 6.5.00
218 Library Library Upgrade - ARMADILLO 3.77 6.5.00
207 QuickPaste Need ESCape character for QuickPaste Format Strings 6.5.00

202 Crashes / Error Messages Exception during logon, when Windows sends a OnWM_POWERBROADCAST message.
205 Other Error: "program damaged, possibly by virus or trojan"
206 Crashes / Error Messages Index Out Of Bounds when moving Clips from Shortcut List

197 Wishlist Option to turn off smooth scrolling in editor.
198 Other Custom Development - J.M.

196 Printing Print Preview from Settings dialog didn't work

189 Other Quotes in search cause error
190 Crashes / Error Messages Access Violation - When accessing User Preferences while inactive database is selected in Collection Tree.
182 Crashes / Error Messages Access Violation - various situations - ClearClipData
191 QuickPaste QuickPaste blowing up with "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window"
183 Crashes / Error Messages Access Violation during Printing, or when viewing User Preferences
192 Other Creating new directories during backup - directories are not actually created
185 Crashes / Error Messages Random error in network collection refresh
194 Crashes / Error Messages Crash when PowerResume message arrives during database logon.
187 Database Error during backup, if user tries to erase "countdown" time.
195 Database Overflow problems - old clips sometimes going directly to trash, sometimes not ever emptying from overflow.
188 Crashes / Error Messages Access Violation - RescueEditing

173 Database Data Purging/Overflow had a harmless, but inefficient bug
174 Other Thumbnails aren't displaying properly in Explorer view
175 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation when Emptying Trash
176 Editing "Index Out Of Bounds" error in editor - related to URL Highlight
172 Crashes / Error Messages Random error in GetETitle
165 Crashes / Error Messages "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" when switching between Explorer/Classic
168 Crashes / Error Messages Exception - docked_classic_frmDockEditor_1 already exists
169 PowerPaste Crash when editing clip during PowerPaste.
170 Database Database Maintenance (Show SQL) screen was being invoked AFTER logon.
171 Interface Unwanted taskbar icon shows on some systems, must be minimized to hide

162 Crashes / Error Messages Accessing deleted clip during QuickPaste causes A/V.
163 Crashes / Error Messages Selecting a CD as backup destination results in I/O Error 21
164 AutoUpdate AutoUpdate should allow user to select download directory
155 Settings Run at startup option would defeat external run managers
156 Conflicts KeepAlive could cause conflicts with PowerPaste
157 Editing Editor highligher would always highlight "cow" by default.
154 Database Temp database files are placed in wrong directory - can lead to crash

150 Crashes / Error Messages Error while viewing clip - related to spellcheck.
148 Interface Update Icons with Glyfx/GlyphsPro Libraries
149 Interface Add "Explode Into Fragments" button to Explorer toolbar

143 Interface Application Profile "Hint" box doesn't track windows color scheme properly.
144 Encryption/Security Encryption Key "Remember Time" doesn't remember if you use 1440 minutes.
146 Crashes / Error Messages Error during Database Restore

140 AutoUpdate Allow AutoUpdate interval adjustment
142 Interface Added button for "Explode Into Fragments" on Classic toolbar.
135 Interface Flicker during QuickPaste
136 Database Display Error and Quit, if database logon(s) fail.
137 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation in CaptureTheClip - invalid pointer
138 Documentation Add help topic for start/recovery menu.
105 Error Reporting Upgrade Eurekalog to v4.5
128 Database Unwanted warning during database repair/backup
130 Capturing KeepAlive Jumps Ahead Of Itself
131 QuickPaste QuickPaste - Secondary collection isn't "sticking".
132 Installation After autoupdate, installer gives error about ROGET.ADT
133 Capturing Null data from WinWord leads to Database Insertion Error
134 Interface Global Hotkey for "View Clip"
127 Error Reporting Consolidate EurekaLog and Run Log
125 Interface Toolbar buttons reset if main menu is toggled on/off in classic mode
106 Interface Add "expand all" to collection tree
100 Printing Bitmap Scaling during Printing
107 AutoUpdate AutoUpdate MessageBox should identify the program
101 Editing Editor "Tack" blocks other editing changes from displaying
108 Editing "Show non-printing characters" is not remembered between sessions
102 Conflicts Clipboard Keepalive causes "loops"
117 Interface Edit Undo should be the top item in the menu.
103 Database database error 11013 during network check
121 Interface Menu wrapping in Classic window causes drop-down button to be cut off.
104 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation when switching collections

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