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Sept 24, 2013 - ZoneAlarm has done it again!!  ZoneAlarm is falsely reporitng a virus/trojan in ClipMate 7.5.  And it DELETES ClipMate and PREVENTS you from re-installing.   This is a FALSE POSITIVE.  Please report to ZoneAlarm so that they too, can share the pain that they are causing.
ClipMate 7.5 features both 32-bit and 64-bit ClipBar support in both Windows7 and Windows8.  It is a free update to all ClipMate v7 users.  Just install over your current 7.3, and you'll upgrade it "in-place".
Users of the WebRoot firewall will need to make an adjustment to the WebRoot settings in order to allow ClipMate to capture clipboard data from web browsers. Otherwise WebRoot will BLOCK such access! It may also be causing WHITE SCREEN CAPTURES as it may be blocking the PrintScreen key.
ZDNetClipMate is named in Ed Bott's "My 10 favorite Windows programs of all time", saying "I figure it’s paid for itself many, many times over"
Ed Bott - ZDNet (March 3, 2008)
ClipMate wins 2007 SIAF Award for Best ApplicationClipMate wins "Best Application" at the 2007 Shareware Industry Awards. We're proud to be recognized by our peers in the software industry, for a FOURTH time!
ClipMate "Portable" runs on your USB "thumb" drive!
Now you can take ClipMate with you, to any Windows PC.  
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User Testimonials
Click To View All, or add your own!I'm a software developer and a musician too, I discovered this program few years ago, since version 3.XX and found it immediatly very useful so I brought it and now I use it daily, and often it saves my butt. Great piece of software! (sorry for the poor english, but I'm from Italy)
- Paride Fioretti,

ClipMate Release Notes

Here is a changelog listing of what's new/changed/fixed in the various releases, from our bugfix database.

If you're looking for a "new features" list, see New Features in 7.0.


Bugs / Fixes / Enhancements In Version: 7.5.25

(Click on Bug # to view full report for any given item.)
Bug# Category Description FixedInVersion
6272 Editing ClipList not updated properly when clip renamed or edited

6223 Library Program "forgets" registration key, reverting to 30-day trial / Upgraded to SoftwarePassport 9.60
6222 Interface ClipBar does not appear or otherwise looks ugly on Windows Classic theme

6014 Crashes / Error Messages Updated EurekaLog reporting to separate 7.5 errors from 7.3. errors
2779 Capturing Rapid succession Screen Captures Fail

5942 Interface ClipBar bleeds through on Windows8

5902 Interface ClipList sorting with accented characters
5903 Database Backup still occurs when interval set to 9999

5830 Library Update DBISAM to latest 4.3
5831 Interface Utilize screen scaling on all forms, for proper appearance on systems with high DPI (screen) settings up to 150% scaling.

5799 Interface ClipBar colors look washed-out on Vista and Windows7

3852 Capturing Application Profile will not create initial entry of no familar formats exist (Google Sketchup)

5700 Capturing When copying files in windows explorer, the resulting filename in ClipMate has an extra linebreak at the end.

5529 Database Database Optimize Not Always Working
587 Interface ClipBar for 64-bit Windows7/Windows8/Vista
4435 Library Updated VCLZip library to 4.51
5701 Library Update StorageLibrary to 3.74
3215 Other Missing Icon on updated PortableApps
5526 Interface Fix splitter bars in Explorer view, so they don't get lost.

2258 Other Export should use lower-case extensions (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .txt)

2991 Capturing Error when closing Outlook
2527 Capturing [v7.3.14.223 - 173]: EStackOverflow (70C1)

2406 Library Update TrsStorage to v3.60
1268 Settings Skin setting reverts to default, when changing any other setting in the preferences dialog.
2397 Other Update copyright info to 2009
2455 Other Licensing - remove the requirement to re-start after entering registration key.
2452 Interface Mousewheel behavior is now has a setting.

2269 Database AOL/CA Antispyware Deleting Empty BLB files (again)
2262 Interface ClipMate Explorer obscures "input required" box - Keyword Highlight

2039 Editing Text Clean-Up adds extra linebreak at end.
2007 Printing Footer chopped off on A4 paper

1838 Database Lengthened Format Name field in database, to accomodate apps with long clipboard format names.
1570 Capturing EAccessViolation (E4AB) - Error in systray hint

1573 Localization Missing Translation Strings
1464 Capturing Manual Capture should allow for apps excluded from application profile

1300 Interface Modified ClipList MouseWheel behavior to allow SHIFT.
1287 Crashes / Error Messages Made Sendkeys error message more helpful (identifies key).
1288 Database Fixed bad query for "Bitmaps" virtual collection.
1289 Settings Update check has bad date if run manually.
1290 QuickPaste Fixed QuickPaste/Sendkeys for {INSERT}.

1271 Crashes / Error Messages Language Out Of Date error with last release
1269 QuickPaste QuickPaste is broken in prior release

1265 Crashes / Error Messages Fixed error reporting
1248 Printing Printing doesn't work with multiple databases.
1184 Interface Classic toolbar needs up/down scroll buttons like v6 had.
1253 Interface Improve MouseWheel Scrolling In ClipList
1230 Interface Fixed lockup when changing collection icon
1233 Localization Belarus Translation by Wadim Trokhimets
1183 Interface Add ShortCut column to ClipList, for easy shortcut review
1220 Database UNC paths not working for backup
1166 Crashes / Error Messages Prevent rogue RTF clips from causing lock-up
1182 Other ClipBar message appears on first run, even if ClipBar isn't installed.

1123 Crashes / Error Messages Fixed Access Violation when opening floating editor
1117 Other Disable spellchecker if no dictionaries installed.
995 Interface Interface lockup when exporting, due to "always on top".
1115 Database New databases do not have InBox, Safe, Overflow collections
1116 Other Timing issues with Macro clips

1068 Interface Floating Viewer Window Needs Focus
459 QuickPaste QuickPaste / Templates / Macros - need a way to send special character like @
955 Interface Added tabstop to listview in Clip Properties dialog
956 Seaching Fixed spacebar behavior when searching for clips with the QuickPick method.
957 Printing Addtional improvements to printing - Print Preview
958 Printing Printing Enhancement - Left/Right Margins, better alignment overall
959 Other Auto-update "next update date" fixes.
968 Crashes / Error Messages Restart on Windows Error 1400
969 Crashes / Error Messages List Index Out Of Bounds (40) Error when changing skins
864 Interface Added systray balloon hint to show clips when scrolling via hotkeys.
862 Pasting Template pasting requires too many clicks to be reliable

744 QuickPaste Expand QuickPaste "title trigger" length
736 Other Check For Updates is still treating old newsletters, tips, etc., as "new".
733 Printing Small graphic printing issues - not centered, not scaled 1:1
734 Settings Spellcheck not finding roget.adt, roget-uk.adt

711 Other Non-Functioning "Show All Clips In Children" with InBox

693 Other Problem with messageboxes on Vista - yes/no result is ignored.

688 Printing Print Output dialog layout
687 Printing Print Footer had problem with quotes.
684 Localization Updated Translations
683 Crashes / Error Messages "There is no disk in the drive" error
682 Settings Prevent auto-update notification from alerting every day.
681 Printing Printing font is not being used when printing
680 Other Thesaurus was not finding roget.adt file
679 Crashes / Error Messages "Language File Out Of Date" Error on PortableApps Version

670 Localization Updated Translations
671 Crashes / Error Messages Fixed random shutdown error
672 Pasting Updated QuickPaste Target Lists for Office 2007, IE7
673 Interface Fixed several problems with "always on top" CM Explorer, covering other windows.
668 Database All new images will be stored as PNG, internally in the database.
666 Interface Fixed bug where "customize toolbar" could be hidden behind ClipMate Explorer
665 Localization Various translation fixes
664 Printing Fixed blank printing for images stored as JPEG
659 Database Defense against AOL/CA AntiSpyware deleting empty BLB files. 7.3.00
661 Printing New Printing Features - PaperSaver, More. 7.3.00
637 Library Many Library Updates 7.3.00
641 Capturing AutoPrint not activating when user performs manual screen capture 7.3.00
643 Settings "ClipMate Progress" setting to turn on/off 7.3.00
644 PowerPaste PowerPaste "Explode Into Fragments" Not Working With Templates 7.3.00
660 Localization Switched from Balmsoft Polyglot to Kryvich Delphi Localizer 7.3.00
645 Settings Unwanted registry key created on Portable Version (Search Screen) 7.3.00
646 Interface DragDrop Clips From ClipList Into SEARCH Collection - Shouldn't be allowed 7.3.00
655 Library Switched from Greatis PrintSuite to RAVE Reports 7.3.00
656 Library Removed FeedForDev and Indy libraries 7.3.00
658 Settings Added backup configuration to database screen 7.3.00
657 Capturing Added option for zero-delay clipboard capture. 7.3.00

638 Database Add More Information To Database Error Message
639 Localization Add translation support for "Samples" Collection
640 Localization Updated German / Deutsch translation from Helmut Langen

627 Other Export to XML selects all clips, even if you say NO
628 Capturing Not capturing Source URL from Safari Browser
629 Settings QuickPaste Strings Coming Up In Wrong Order
633 Crashes / Error Messages 413 Piracy Alert / False Alarm
634 Localization Brazilian Portuguese Translation by Luiz A D R Marques
635 Localization Unable to set language back to English

626 Localization Dutch Translation updated by Peter Lievers
625 Database Piracy situation resulted in database problem instead of "piracy detected" message.
623 QuickPaste QuickPaste Application Triggers are not saving

619 Settings Settings not switching to .ini files properly, when user requests .ini storage.
611 Other Default collection titles are not translated
610 Other Minor adjustments for translations
612 Crashes / Error Messages Fixed crashes during shutdown
613 Conflicts Turned off "always on top" for Backup dialog.
614 Other Added Spanish translation to MultiEuropean distribution
615 Other Fixed problems with trial counter

609 Settings Settings not being saved during shutdown
608 Other Updated Translations: French, Russian, Polish, Czech
607 Crashes / Error Messages Errors during shutdown on Vista
600 Other Translation issues
605 Crashes / Error Messages Invalid Pointer Operation - error during shutdown 7.2.02

602 Crashes / Error Messages Error on Win2000, Win98. GDIPlus.DLL or Error Unpacking... Code E2
603 Crashes / Error Messages Unhandled Exception: Unable to create directory
604 Capturing Screen Capture - Oddness on Vista, other "see application profile for ClipMate" messages.

589 Crashes / Error Messages Fixed Access Violation when using shortcuts
597 Other Translations updated for compatibility with 7.2
586 Crashes / Error Messages Vista DEP causing immediate error when launching ClipMate
552 Wishlist Run from removable USB Drive (PorableApps, U3, Etc..)
551 Interface Use Vista Task Dialog
550 Capturing Vista Clipboard Notification
549 Settings Additional Command-Line Parameters
548 Wishlist Allow end-user to change log, temp directories
494 Collections Read-Only Collections are not compatible with encrypted clips.
544 Interface AutoCapture icon in Edit menu not updating
538 Editing Editing a clip, then running a search, loses edits.
529 Other Moving or Editing clips results in timestamp change
535 Other XML Export could result in encrypted clips being exported as clear text
533 Interface Visual glitch with Vista - QuickPaste Target Area
532 Editing Editing clip could result in assignment to wrong collection
492 Other RTF Viewing Not Working
493 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation after closing CM Explorer
530 Capturing Area Screen Capture - locks up if re-invoked before completion
531 Capturing Enhancement - Screen Capture - Explicit capture for monitors 3-8.

496 Interface Paste Trace (diagnostic) dialog not responding to OK/Cancel buttons
495 Crashes / Error Messages RTF Viewer locks up on "invisibile" RTF
491 Capturing Range check error in CodeBlockToCodePage

488 Database XML Import problem with duplicate shortcuts
489 Interface Systray icon not showing up after restart (again)
490 Interface About box shows ambiguous version without leading zeros
453 Interface Reduce flicker when switching Collections in ClipMate Classic

487 Crashes / Error Messages Fixed access violation during shutdown
486 Interface "Blue Dot" columns in ClipList showing wrong information
484 Database Moving clips between collections did not completely update the clip properties
485 Library Updated Inno Setup to 5.1.8
482 Interface Spellcheck dialogs hide behind Explorer if Explorer is set to "always on top".
481 Interface Systray icon not showing up after restart (some users)
480 Interface Spellchecking needs to be turned off for read-only collections
479 Crashes / Error Messages Fixed "Invalid Pointer" error when shutting down.
478 Collections Back-out / Modify behavior of #444 - Default behavior for new collections should be to "accept new clips".
477 Crashes / Error Messages Fix Range Check Error when Pasting
476 Pasting Template Pasting - adding an unwanted line break.
475 Pasting Filter Outbound Clips - Exclusion List is not working

473 Interface Missing scrollbars on editor, in ClipMate Explorer "tall tree" mode.
474 Database Added retry logic to avoid DBISAM Error 11013
472 Database Copying clips from one collection to another would sometimes fail
471 Installation Fixed uninstaller bug
470 Other When ClipMate is already running, re-launching from the Start menu or Desktop Icon should bring up the running instance
469 Logging Fix logging option for "data deleted" event
468 Database Read-Only attribute is now useful, prevents clips from changing.
467 Capturing Capture URLs from Opera

464 Interface Skins leave visual artifacts on scrollbars
465 Database Database Indexes missing after upgrade, affects "comprehensive database repair".
466 Settings Removed confusing "simple mode" option.

463 Database Data loss when moving clips
461 Installation Error during uninstall - Runtime Error / Internal Error: Cannot evaluate "cm" constant during Uninstall.
462 Interface Sizing issues in Explorer with Tall Collection Tree

454 Crashes / Error Messages Fix for crash during program shutdown
455 Interface Tooltips (hints) on ClipBar buttons would be off-screen if the user's TaskBar is at the top of the screen.
456 Localization Aded better checking of language translation file versions
449 Database Corrected error during database upgrade to v7.1
450 Crashes / Error Messages DEP option causes ClipMate crash (non-Armadillo specific)
452 Crashes / Error Messages Changes to reduce startup errors
451 Library Backout Change 447 (Armadillo Version)
448 Documentation Help topics were not opening correctly
447 Library Updated Armadillo Library to 4.48
440 Crashes / Error Messages Fixed Crash when deleting entries from the Application Profile.
441 Logging Additional logging in data purging routines
442 Logging I/O error 32 in log writer
443 Database Purging problem causes clips to go directly to the Trash, bypassing the Overflow
444 Collections Change default behavior for "Safe" and "Overflow" collections to NOT Accept new clips (for new databases)
445 Interface Visual improvements to "news and updates" notification.
438 Installation Installer/Uninstaller can now shut down running instances of ClipMate
437 Pasting Add "Exclusion List" for automatic outbound clip filtering
431 Interface Scroll Up/Down hotkeys should scroll cliplist to show newly-selected clip.
432 QuickPaste QuickPasting Targeting - Eliminate bogus "Default IME" targets
434 Database New utility for migrating data from ClipMate 5.
430 Wishlist Enhancements to auto-updater / multiple feeds / CliXCasting
429 Pasting Manual filter wasn't working properly.
428 Database Copying clips to collection - database error with duplicate GUID (7.1 beta issue)
435 Library Updated Eurekalog to 5.1.6
436 Crashes / Error Messages Changed startup order/'timing to allow Classic to initialize properly
421 Interface ESC key not closing Explorer if focus is on Collection Tree
420 Interface ClipBar Pop-Up doesn't work unless Taskbar is at bottom of screen.
419 Editing Manual spellchecker disables itself in Editor
426 Capturing New Hotkey for Manual Capture - Win+C
422 Editing Feature - Base64 Encode/Decode
423 Editing Feature - URL Encode/Decode
424 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation when quickpasting from an empty ClipList.
425 Editing Feature - allow default selection of editor tab.
427 Pasting New Hotkey for Manual Filter - Win+W
402 Settings Export Clips Image options not sticky
406 Crashes / Error Messages A/V after closing "paste trace" (diagnostic) screen. 7.1.00
405 Capturing Hotkey for toggle autocapture on/off 7.1.00
404 Pasting Macro Clips allow template-like substitution for any text clip. 7.1.00
403 Localization A/V when loading translations, if sysmenu strings are over 25 chars. 7.1.00
407 Interface Non-functional button on "paste trace" (diagnostic) dialog box. 7.1.00
408 Settings Font for Collection Tree now uses ClipList Font 7.1.00
409 QuickPaste Auto-Targeting doesn't work properly if ClipMate is set to "always on top". 7.1.00
410 Interface New Feature - Select All Clips In Children 7.1.00
411 Database Editing clips listed in a "virtual" collection, would mistakenly re-assign the clip to that collection. 7.1.00
412 Other Slow performance with "Select All Clips" function 7.1.00
413 Wishlist Data synchronization of clips between databases via XML import/export.` 7.1.00

398 Editing Allow highlighting of phrases in editor
397 Interface ClipBar loses QuickPaste Target if you switch collections
395 Crashes / Error Messages Random (rare) A/V when opening Classic on multi-monitor systems.
394 Printing Printing sometimes is disabled for no apparent reason.
361 Interface Find & Replace - TAB key navigation issue with Skins
392 Interface Problems with moving/copying clips to "tacked" ClipList in Second pane in Classic.
393 Database Option to set database offline for external backups wasn't working
391 Interface Collection Tree Inserts Duplicate Collections
390 Interface Classic / Second ClipList cancelling shortcuts by itself
389 Localization Hotkeys can't be edited with localized values (ctrl, alt, shift)

386 Interface Initialization problems / Interface
385 Installation Error when upgrading from v6: Failed to create key DATABASES\My Clips

384 Editing Renamed clips don't show up in second ClipList until restart
380 Other Add skin license info to About box
381 Crashes / Error Messages Eurekalog not able to send via Microsoft Outlook
382 Crashes / Error Messages Enhancements to EurekaLog reporting
379 Other Performance problem with Shortcuts
367 Pasting Template Pasting - won't use more than one instance of #CLIP#
368 Interface Close button 'x' doesn't work right on some screens.
369 Other Binary display - not showing private data formats
372 Capturing Add Active/Passive mode for Outbound Clip Filtering
374 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation during startup
375 Editing Line numbers in editor don't take wrapping into consideration
376 Crashes / Error Messages List index out of bounds during QuickPaste (FormatList)
377 Collections Collections Re-Arrange themselves due to unintended drag/drop
378 QuickPaste Enhancement to Auto-Targeting. Include/Exclude via Application:ClassName
383 Other Launching URL opens two tabs in FireFox

359 Editing Find & Replace - Find not working
360 Network Cannot copy clips to network collection
362 Other Sounds are too quiet
363 Crashes / Error Messages Access violation during startup
364 Interface Re-sizing issue in Explorer, resulting in missing Editor window
365 Other Licensing Changes
366 Other Flickering in corner of screen when ClipBar re-sizes

357 Crashes / Error Messages Error - a component named frmDockClipList already exists
356 Crashes / Error Messages Lockup opening floating viewer (F2) when clipboard is empty.

354 Other ClipBar Not Connecting To ClipMate Automatically
346 Other Help not available from Customize Toolbar dialog
342 Interface Splitters in Explorer don't stick if Skins are not enabled.
343 Crashes / Error Messages Random error (trapped) while showing Classic
345 Settings "Screen Reader" question would appear at startup, after user had previously answered NO.
349 Library Update spellcheck dictionary to American.adm v3.4
347 Crashes / Error Messages Crash when drag/drop clip to top of cliplist

353 Library Updated: EurekaLog v5.0.4
351 Library VCLSKin updated to
348 Crashes / Error Messages Drag / Drop - error when dragging quickpick/shortcut bar

332 Capturing Area screen capture on dual monitors - won't capture second monitor
352 Library ASG Screen Capture v4.1
341 Interface Drawing issues after "close and free all windows".
339 Interface Mousewheel for scrolling bitmap images
350 Library Udate DBISAM engine to 4.21 Build 10 7.0.00

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