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ClipMate Adds Powerful ClipBar and Pasting Tools

Rochester, NY  THORNSOFT Development has released version 7 of their award-winning clipboard extender, ClipMate, a Windows productivity tool that turns the under-powered Windows clipboard into a graphics and text powerhouse.  Users can organize, view, manage, search and edit their clips using a familiar interface that is similar to MS Explorer.


A new ClipBar feature integrates ClipMate right into the Windows taskbar where the current clip is always visible.  The ClipBar is completely customizable so that the user’s most frequently-used ClipMate commands are handy.  ClipMate 7 supports Drag ‘n’ Drop, so that users can drag text, rich text, and graphic clips into any OLE-compliant application like Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Excel, Paint Shop Pro, and many others.  With ClipMate’s new Universal QuickPaste tool, an auto-targeting feature is always watching to see what application the user is working in so that they can simply double-click on a clip and it will be pasted wherever they were last working.


ClipMate offers a variety of Internet tools, and helps increase users’ accuracy and efficiency when doing research on the Internet.  When data is copied from the net, ClipMate remembers which web page each item is copied from so that the page can be revisited later. Web page URLs can also be launched directly from ClipMate into the default browser.


Using an exclusive PowerPaste feature, ClipMate will quickly paste a series of items to speed through data entry tasks. ARC4 encryption keeps sensitive data safe from prying eyes.  ClipMate 7 also features a built-in dictionary and thesaurus, automatic database repair and backup, a powerful and flexible search engine, and dual-monitor screen capture.  Simply select an area with your mouse and ClipMate will capture it as a graphic image.  Multi-user capability enables workgroup data to be shared with live network updates.


ClipMate enhances the bare-bones Windows clipboard by remembering all graphics and text that are copied to the clipboard, and storing them in user-defined collections for later use. ClipMate has an enormous capacity to hold a user’s clips.  The standard Windows clipboard will hold one item; the Microsoft Office clipboard will hold 24 items; and many other competitive clipboard-extender products will hold 10-20 items.  ClipMate can easily store thousands of items.  Users can save time by storing words, sentences and images that they use over and over, and pasting them into emails and letters on-the-fly.  ClipMate is an ideal companion when working on projects that require the collection of text and images.


ClipMate is available directly from THORNSOFT Development, Inc.  An electronic-only version with complete online help costs $34.95.  A CD edition is also available for an additional $9.95 including shipping.  Site licenses are available.  ClipMate 7 runs under Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or XP Home and Professional. Visit the THORNSOFT Development home page at to order ClipMate or to download a fully-functional trial copy.



Founded in 1991, THORNSOFT Development, Inc. produces utility software for Microsoft Windows.  Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


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