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Tired of having the last car in the parking lot?  ClipMate™ can help you finish early!

We hear from network administrators that ClipMate is a huge timesaver.  Let's see how it can help.

Sample Cisco Configuration Screen

Whether you've got a dozen big Cisco routers to configure, or 100 renegade WiFi access points to lock down, it'll go faster with ClipMate at your side.

ClipMate can help in several ways.  As a Clipboard Extender, it allows you to quickly gather data from devices that you want to clone.  It also lets you record values as a backup, in case you need to roll back quickly.  ClipMate's PowerPaste is great for pasting a series of values into a configuration screen.  And ClipMate can record screen captures too - either a window, or a selectable area.  Just copy them, and they're recorded in ClipMate for later review, printing, etc.

PowerPaste™ is your friend

ClipMate's PowerPaste™ can also work by "exploding" data.  Let's say that you have a list of MAC addresses that need to be entered one at a time into a configuration web page.  Exploding PowerPaste will break them up, and feed them to the clipboard one at a time.  Just paste, paste, paste.  Maybe you have to enter individual octets into a form? No problem - Exploding PowerPaste can break data up by dots, commas, tabs, line-breaks, or any character that you need.  Here is a flash demo "viewlet" of PowerPaste in action - it's not network-admin specific, but imagine it chewing through your data, as you watch the demo.   See PowerPaste in action.

Record your Tracks

Have you ever said "oh-oh", and wished that you had a copy of what you just over-wrote?  Now you can copy anything to the clipboard, and let ClipMate record it for you.  Text or Screen Grabs, ClipMate can record what you don't have time to write down - but should.

Save and Re-Use

You can store useful scripts and configs in permanent "collections" for later re-use.  ClipMate's databases can be backed up to a ZIP file, so that you can take your data with you.  You can also print hardcopies.

Share on the network

You can share ClipMate databases on the network, allowing teams of people to access and share the same data (and you can have your own, local data stored separately!)

Real-Life Usage

"I just got through configuring a Cisco 2600 series router and thanks to ClipMate I probably shaved 2 hours off the project. I'll actually make it home on time, today. I don't know how I lived without it especially in this industry. "

Brian Hoffman
Seattle, WA
Network Operations - Telecom Industry


We asked Brian what sort of tasks he uses ClipMate for, and received this reply:

ClipMate helped Brian configure boxes from RedStone, Sun, Cisco, NetForcer, etc..

"When I'm given a work-order to troubleshoot or re-configure a router I basically get an email with what needs to be changed. Where your tool comes into play is when I start adding or removing configs from the router. ClipMate becomes a backup, basically. When I am given a task to do a series of routers in a day ClipMate saves me an unbelievable amount of time especially when all the configs are the same with the exception of the IP addresses. I copy the first router config and apply it to the rest of the router I have to do with minimal change. I did 8 today and if I didn't use ClipMate I would have accomplished 5 at the most. Other techs and management think I'm some sort of Router God "LOL" It's all in the tools you use on the job! ;-) "

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