A Better Clipboard,
by Barbara Florio Graham

If you're still using the single-clip Windows clipboard, you're missing out on a great piece of software that costs very little and offers many advantages.

ClipMate 6 (www.thornsoft.com) stores an infinite (well, that may depend on the amount of memory in your system!) number of clips, which you can save in various collections, retrieve at will, and sort according to need.

Every time you copy something (regardless of length) to the clipboard, ClipMate keeps it in its "IN" box. At any time you can select individual clips, paste some of them together if you wish, and save each one to as many different "safe" collections as you wish.

I keep frequently used e-mail addresses and websites in separate collections, so I can paste these into Word documents. Another collection contains the titles of my books and courses, descriptions of my books, and other "boiler-plate" material that would otherwise have to be either retyped or found/copied/pasted from another document.

At the end of every work day, I sort the day's clips, and then "select all" for the ones I don't want to keep and delete them.

This little program sits in your system tray, ready to pull up when you want to copy something into any application. It has dozens of other features that are explained in clear FAQs, as well as in web-based "viewlets" which give the new user an online tutorial.

One thing that particularly impresses me about ClipMate is that the developer, Chris Thornton, has personally answered my questions! You can download a trial version from www.thornsoft.com, and if you're as impressed as I am with this program, the full download only costs $25 U.S.

** Article originally appeared in the Periodical Writers Associatino of Canada newsletter (PWAContact), Feb 2004.  Reprinted with Permission from Author. **